The balloon flight is accessible to all, adults as children. A moment of happiness to share with family or friends. People with vertigo will prefer to keep their feet on the ground and watch the others fly away. The formulas range from normal flight to VIP flights for couples, lovers, and even a Royal flight to enjoy the skies in absolute luxury.
The flights are accessible to the whole family, adult as children except for the less than two years. The proposed formula includes a flight of about one hour in front of the Atlas, a flight certificate, a Berber breakfast in a bivouac, the visit of a Berber house also a 4 x four excursion for the transfer to the place of departure

You can also have access to personalized services such as group flights, wedding requests, anniversaries, VIP and even for reports. Personalized rates and services are available on request by email.
Take the height to admire the beauty of Marrakech and its surroundings!